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Ecolite AAC lintels

Ecolite Lintels

Ecolite lintels are precast AAC beams used to cover windows, doorways and other openings on both load and non-load bearing masonry walls. AAC lintels are also used as spreaders under the end supports of reinforced concrete beams to distribute high bearing stresses into the supporting AAC blocks wall.

Ecolite AAC blocks

Ecolite Blocks XL

Ecolite AAC Blocks XL is an ideal substitute for bricks in wall masonry. They are light weight, easy to work with, versatile in nature and extremely durable. AAC blocks make an excellent building material and offer you a solution that precisely addresses your specific needs that make way for gains.

Ecolite AAC mute blocks

Ecolite Mute

Ecolite Mute AAC blocks act as ‘sound barriers’ and provides a sound insulation greater than other building materials of the same weight. Its high surface mass coupled with mechanical vibration energy damping within its porous structure produces a construction material with gives it exceptional sound insulation properties.


Ecolite Properties


Lightweight property of Ecolite results in reducing the foundation loads which leads to big savings in the overall construction cost especially at areas having poor soil bearing capacity.

Long Lasting

Ecolite products do not contain any organic matter subject to deterioration. It does not degrade even under severe weather conditions. It can also be reused being modular in nature and has a good salvage value.


Ecolite itself is ecologically harmless and VOC free, since it neither contains gases nor fibers, it is neither dangerous to ground-water nor does it release any radiation or fumes.

Acoustic Insulation

Ecolite meets the appropriate standards for sound insulation in house building, which means quieter and more comfortable interior.

Pest Resistant

Ecolite provides airtight interior, does not contain any organic ingredient and termite free that makes your home uninviting to pest, insects or rodents.

Earthquake Resistant

The low mass of Ecolite results to reduced total dead load of the building and consequently reducing the applied seismic forces to its structure.


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