Ecolite Mute

Gain From It.

Ecolite® Mute AAC blocks act as ‘sound barriers’ with its closed air pockets it can provide very good sound insulation/ sound absorption with an STC (Sound Transmission class) rating of 44. Thus, can also be used as a sound barrier wall along busy roads. Use of Ecolite Mute blocks, for sound barriers is ideally suitable since the product and the solution is extremely simple and modular in design. It is easy and not expensive to replace, in case of accidents


Acoustic Insulation

Porous structure results in sound absorption.

Modular Design

Readily adaptable to any style of architecture.


VOC free and do not contain any toxic gases.

Cost Saving

Decline in deadweight and use of cement and steel.

Technical Specifications

Ecolite aac mute block technicalm specifications
Ecolite aac mute block technicalm specifications table