Ecolite AAC blocks
Ecolite AAC blocks
Ecolite AAC blocks
Ecolite AAC blocks

Ecolite products are manufactured using a slurry mix containing cement, sand, lime and aerating agent. The slurry is poured and moulded to form lightweight products later cured in an autoclave. The autoclave's high-pressure steam-curing mechanism facilitates moulded lightweight concrete's curing process, producing physically and chemically stable products that weigh about 1/5th of regular concrete. Ecolite products contain millions of tiny non-connecting air pockets, yielding superior thermal insulation properties.

The 'Green' Gains using Ecolite:

  • Reduced energy consumption in production

  • The manufacturing process emits no pollutants or creates toxic waste products.

  • Lighter weight compared to other materials significantly reduces CO2 emissions during transportation.

  • Excellent thermal efficiency reduces the time for space heating/cooling in buildings, saving precious energy usage.

  • Easy workability allows accurate cutting that minimizes solid waste generation during use and installation.

  • Extremely resource efficient and environmentally friendly material, the products do not require water curing, saving precious natural resources.

Ecolite products are used in the following applications:

  • Residential Apartments

  • Industrial Complexes

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Hospitality like hotels, motels and restaurants

  • Retail and warehouses, and cold storage

  • Educational institutions

  • Medical clinics, labs and hospitals

  • Independent Bungalows

  • Special-purpose applications such as firewalls and sound walls

Illuminating Sustainability

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